Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create or join a league?

We have created our own How to Play guide that takes you through the steps to create your own private league or join a public league.

How do I invite players to my league?

For Public and Private leagues you can invite other players to your league by sharing the url located in the Invite Players section of League Overview. For private leagues you can also invite players to your league by adding their email address, we will send them an invite by email that they can use to join your league.

How do I remove players from my league?

Only league owners have the ability to remove players from a league. This is done by clicking the X icon next to a player on the League Overview page.

What is the difference between Exclusive Draft and Pickem leagues?

Exclusive Draft leagues consist of an offline draft hosted by the league owner. These leagues do not allow two players to have the same rider. Pickem leagues have no concept of a draft and players are allowed to select any rider for their lineup regardless of whether another player already has them in their lineup.

Can I start playing Ultimate Fantasy Supercross any time?

Absolutely! You can create a private league or join a public one at any time during the motocross and supercross seasons. All new leagues start from 0, so if you create a league after the first round, not a problem, your league will start at 0 and be scored for the remaining rounds.

Can I add more players to my private league after purchase?

If you reach the maximum number of players you paid for in your league and want to add more please contact us at [email protected] and we can extend your league for an additional charge.

How many riders can I have in my lineup?

This is chosen by the league comissioner when they create the league. For Exclusive Draft leagues the maximum number of starters in your lineup must be less than or equal to the maximum number of riders on your team. For Pickem leagues, all riders on your team are considered starters.

How do I add and remove riders to my lineup?

To add riders to your lineup go to your League Overview page and then select the Riders tab. From there you can add riders to your lineup. If your lineup is currently full you will be prompted to drop a rider from your lineup in order to add another.

What is a (ST) and a (BN) rider in my team?

Draft leagues have the notion of riders that you are starting in your lineup, they are denoted with the (ST) symbol. These riders are in your lineup their points will be added to your score for the given race. Thus riders with the symbol (BN) are on the bench. They are not in your lineup and therefore their points will not be added to your score for the given race.

When do lineups lock?

Lineups lock (i.e. you can not edit them) once the gate has dropped on the first race. For Supercross this is the first heat race and for Motocross it is the first moto.

When do lineups unlock?

Lineups will unlock for the next round the Monday after the previous round. You will receive an email that lets you know that lineups are unlocked on that day.

How does scoring work?

Each rider in your lineup that is a starter (ST) accrues points for you during a given race. The points are calculated based on the table shown on the homepage. For Supercross, the heat race and main event are scored for each rider and in Motocross it is each moto.

Is there a difference between 450 and 250 riders?

No there is no difference. Each rider, regardless of class, is scored the same. We encourage players to leverage this fact and have a combination of 450 and 250 riders in your lineup.

How do I change my team name?

First navigate to your League Overview page, then select the My Team tab. At the top is your current team name, click the pencil icon to the right of your name to edit it. Click the save icon to save your new name.

How do I see riders past results?

You can see riders past fantasy results by clicking the list icon in the My Team and Riders sections. We currently only show the past 10 results for a given rider.

How do I see if a rider is injured?

Similar to above, you can see if a rider is injured by clicking the list icon in the My Team and Riders sections. We will describe the riders injury in their past results modal.

Why don't I see a riders updated number or class?

We do our best to update these pre-race but the changes can be quite large. So we have an automated process that updates rider details such as name, number, class, etc once the first heat race or moto begins. This is also typically the time new riders get added into the system, however, if you don't see a rider that you would like in your lineup, send us an email with the name of the missing rider.

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